Trade finance

Our expertise in global commodities trading allows us to deliver innovative, custom engineered financial products and services that meet your import and export needs. Wilson International provides structured trade finance solutions and services to mitigate the documentary, cross-border and credit risks associated with cross-border trade. We assist you with:

  • structuring and documenting trade- and commodity-linked financing transactions
  • access to low-cost working capital through solutions such as collateral management agreements
  • title to goods and creation of security interests, taking into account local laws on foreign trade and exchange controls
  • mitigating political, credit and performance risk through the use of escrow accounts and cargo/political risk insurance
  • use of commodity price risk management techniques appropriate to the particular transaction

Looking to source coal and minerals; petroleum; fertilizer raw materials; fertilizers; non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals? Please write to us or get in touch with a Wilson International office in China, Singapore, Vietnam and India